10 Reasons Why Kimple?

10 Reasons Why Kimple?

#1. Independently owned manufacturer

This means you get the benefit of building your boat the way you want it, from the size to the hull depth or the trim on the seats. Kimple can customise what you want and make to measure what you need. This type of service which is backed up with full guarantees can only be offered by an independently owned manufacturer.

#2. Greater Selection Of Boat Sizes

Whether you are looking for a skiff runabout or a 20 seater client transport, Kimple either have it or can make it for you. Get in touch with the team now for expert advice and great products.

#3. The Kimple Ride

Kimple Boating have spent untold amounts on researching the right design for the right environment, their international customer base has given them insightful research data into every possible variant of weather and boating condition on the planet. With these factors in mind combined with their no rivet philosophy, these are the ultimate boats for Africa. Hardy, endurable, comfortable and fully customisable.

#4. High Quality Hardware

Kimple Boating uses light but durable marine grade aluminum that tolerates shocks, scratches and even bottom contact without deforming or structural deterioration. It does not absorb water, it€™s burn resistant, crack resistant, fade and rust resistant. It withstands extreme temperatures and weather, which means you can enjoy boating whenever and wherever you are on the continent.

#5. Heavier Gauge Aluminum

All kimple boats are made with heavy gauge, top quality marine grade aluminium. Kimple Boating has made it€™s name in the international market by producing quality boats over a number of years, with an average of 2000+ boats produced every year.

#6. Visual Difference

You don€™t have to look close to see these boats are a cut above the rest, made with the international market in mind. The designs are at the forefront of cutting edge technology, which means greater fuel efficiency due to less load on your motor, sexier visual lines and better layouts for your customers and you ultimately.

#7. Larger Ribs

Our all-welded ribs can take a pounding. They€™re heavier, wider and stronger, making the entire boat tougher and more rigid. Ribs are positioned on narrow 12€ centers. This results in more ribs making the hull stronger the entire length of the boat.

#8. No Rivets

Kimple Boating believes in a no rivet policy, with all the hulls fully welded. This ensures strength in the hull itself and the flooring. In areas where the water can get rough, this is vitally important.

#9. Highest Quality Print

All Kimple Boats are painted with a standard colour base/clear coat that allows the repair of small scratches and dock rash without having to repaint the entire boat. There is also the option of having your boat in different colours as well as having a full branding print done where you can specify what your company branding is and we sort everything for you.

#10. 100% Recyclable

All Kimple Boat products are made using recyclable material and where possible are made from recycled materials to protect the environment and have as little impact as possible on it.

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